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Senate bins Hockey's 'Asset Recycling' Bill

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 18 Jul 2014

The Asset Recycling Bill appears to be dead, buried and cremated, the Australian Greens said today.

The Senate has given Tony Abbott's backward-looking agenda another reality-check by insisting on substantial amendments protecting essential services from privatisation, and substantially increasing accountability measures. The House subsequently rejected the amended Bill.

The Greens succeeded in getting the Bill renamed the Encouraging Privatisation (Asset Recycling Fund) Bill.

The Greens also amended the Bill to protect essential services so that important functions such as emergency services don't become ways for Tony Abbott to raise money to build roads.

"Australia doesn't need more new roads at the expense of 21st-century mass transport and, thankfully, the Asset Recycling Bill has been so heavily amended, the Government has now done what it always should have done: canned it," Greens Infrastructure spokesperson, Senator Ludlum, said.

"Bribing financially stretched State Governments to sell assets in return for funding catastrophically expensive urban freeways and tunnels shows the Coalition's poverty of vision when it comes to infrastructure funding."

"Bribing state Governments to sell off public assets without even requiring a cost-benefit analysis is no way to run a country," Greens Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said.

"The Greens have protected essential services from Tony Abbott's privatisation rampage," said Mr Bandt.


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