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Senate Inquiry into arts funding begins in Melbourne

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 5 Aug 2015

“The mood of arts organisations has moved substantially from shock to anger. People want to know why this is happening and why they're being forced to cut staff, sack people or cancel touring schedules.”

“The mood is actually very bleak, not just because of the amount of money that has been shifted, but the fact that from now on, George Brandis and his little hand-picked selection committees will be able to make funding decisions about touring schedules and arts funding in general. 

“George Brandis won't even need to disclose in public who he's funding. It's unbelievable. It reverses 20 years of progress of distancing the funding bodies and creating that independence from the political process. So people are very, very angry.”

 “We're looking for alternatives. Part of the reason for initiating the inquiry was to establish what comes next, after this government is a distant and unpleasant memory - how do we get back to the restoration of independent arts funding?”

More information about the inquiry is available here.

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