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Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Scott Ludlam 9 Dec 2013

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister for Communications, upon notice, on 11/06/2013

To ask the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy-With regard to the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) established under section 50 of the SBS Act, which is to be appointed by, but independent of, the SBS Board:

(1) Who currently sits on the CAC.

(2) How is the CAC contactable:
(a) by email; and
(b) by post.

(3) Is the SBS Board able to appoint its own members to the CAC.

(4) Are there any current members of the SBS Board on the CAC.

Senator Fifield - the answer to the member's question is as follows:

With regard to the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) established under section 50 of the Special Broadcasting Services Act 1991 (SBS Act), which is to be appointed by, but independent of, the SBS Board:
(1) Mr Sam Almaliki
Mr Jihad Dib
Mr Mick Gooda
Ms Eugenia Grammatikakis
Ms Gail Ker
Mr John Lee
Mr Cedric Manen
Professor Andrew Markus
Ms Catherine Scarth

b) Community Advisory Committee
Special Broadcasting Service
Locked Bag 028, CROWS NEST NSW 1585

(3) The Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991 (s. 50) states that:

(3) Each member of the Committee is to be appointed by the Board.
(4) The Board may only appoint a person to the Committee if the Board is satisfied that the person:
(a) has an understanding of Australia's multicultural society; and
(b) in particular, has interests relevant to, and an understanding of, ethnic, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities.
(5) The Board is to determine the terms and conditions of appointment of each member of the Committee.
(4) No. Two members of the SBS Board, Mr Hass Dellal and Ms Elleni Bereded-Samuel, attend CAC meetings representing the Board. Mr Hass Dellal is acting as the CAC chair until the CAC appoints its own chair.

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