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Talking to a politican about saving Point Peron

  1. The Land was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State of Western Australia in 1964 subject to its future use ‘being restricted to a reserve for Recreation and/or Park Lands’;
  2. The Land includes 38 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’ which would be destroyed, causing loss of habitat, restrictions on public access and permanently damaging cultural and social elements of Point Peron;
  3. The Proposal will threaten the ecological stability of nearby Lake Richmond and put groundwater, seagrass meadows, marine water quality, numerous state and federally listed threatened species including the precious thrombolite community at risk  
  4. Canal developments of this type are outdated and have been banned in two states due to their unacceptable environmental impact and ongoing maintenance issues;
  5. There is already an approved marina site for Rockingham;
  6. The Proposal has no social license, with 10,000 local residents having signed petitions against the Proposal;
  7. Constructing an artificial inland canal system would require ongoing maintenance at high cost to taxpayers ;
  8. The Proposal would deprive Western Australians of the opportunity to develop a world-class coastal conservation and recreation park that would provide social, health and tourism benefits for both the Rockingham community and Perth’s expanding population;
  9. The Proposal has been approved before the completion of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Perth and Peel;
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