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Use of Depleted Uranium in Afghanistan

Scott Ludlam 11 Dec 2009

Use of DU munitions in Afghanistan, Hansard p40

Senator Ludlam

Have any of our coalition partners used Depleted Uranium munitions to Afghanistan at the time or since their deployment in the country?

There is no specific prohibition in international law on the use of Depleted Uranium munitions. There is considerable international controversy over the alleged health effects of Depleted Uranium. Therefore, as with any weapon system the intended use of Depleted Uranium munitions must be assessed by the State proposing to use them in accordance with its obligations under the laws of armed conflict and other international law.

Use of Depleted Uranium in Afghanistan is at the discretion of other nations, after considering the implications under international law. It is understood that some foreign defence forces may use or reserve the right to use, Depleted Uranium ammunition in Afghanistan, however others do not, based on their own National policies and international agreements.

Coalition partners have not provided any information on their use of depleted uranium munitions.

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