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WA’s future at risk, Greens warn on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day Western Australian senator Scott Ludlam has warned that a Coalition-controlled Federal Parliament would spell disaster for WA's environment.

"The Barnett Government's record on environmental matters is appalling: They pushed the destruction of James Price Point; approved a plan for a uranium mine on a river bed that floods intermittently; have given the go ahead to destroying Point Peron; and back expanded coal mining and more coal-fired power generation in the state's South West.

"Tony Abbott's environmental credentials are non-existent. Even one of his own shadow ministers, Malcolm Turnbull, described Mr Abbott's policy on climate change as ‘bullshit'. If the Coalition takes office and control of the Senate, there will be no Federal checks and balances on the Barnett Government's assault on the environment.

"Western Australia is a crucial state in the September poll. Power in the Senate hinges largely on our state and yet another Coalition seat-warmer won't stand up for WA's environment. Only the Greens can be trusted to defend Western Australia's environmental riches."


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