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WA government submission to Infrastructure Australia on Perth light rail project

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 6 Feb 2013

Rural & Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee
Supplementary Budget Estimates October 2012
Infrastructure and Transport
Question no.: 60
Program: n/a
Division/Agency: (IA) Infrastructure Australia
Topic: Perth light rail project
Proof Hansard Page/s: 38 (16/10/12)
Senator LUDLAM asked:
Senator LUDLAM: That is great-much appreciated. On that Perth light rail project, we heard some welcome news from Mr Deegan a short while ago that the WA government has actually submitted a project of some form to Infrastructure Australia. Do you have any visibility of that or are you just engaged at the moment on the feasibility study?
Mr Mrdak: We are certainly aware of the project proposal. Some states have sent us copies of their project proposals. I think we are still in the early stages of looking at that.
Senator LUDLAM: Are you able to table that proposal for the committee?

Ms O'Connell: We would have to check that the Western Australia government was comfortable in making these proposals public, but we can certainly take it on notice and check.


Infrastructure Australia received a submission from the Western Australian Government on the Perth Rapid Transit System in August 2012. The Western Australian Government does not consent to this submission being made public at this time.

Further information on the Perth Rapid Transit proposal is available at:

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