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WA Greens push Government on aircraft noise reforms

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 11 Oct 2012

WA Greens have urged the Federal Government to take more action to address aircraft noise in residential areas after a private members Bill on the issue was defeated in Federal Parliament.

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said that most of the recommendations of the 2009 Aviation White Paper and the 2010 Senate Inquiry into Aircraft Noise had been delayed too long.

"There has been some progress in this area, including the creation of the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman in 2010, but we'd like to see more concrete steps taken - not just more consultation and reporting, but direct steps to alter the timing and angle of flight paths to reduce noise for eastern suburbs residents for Perth. We need to see systems in place that give residents a chance to be heard, respects their views and protects their interests.

"The private members Bill proposed by Judi Moylan MP would have compelled Air Services Australia to consult relevant communities, publish results of consultation, explain complaints processes, and report on complaints in annual reporting. It also proposed a plan for flight path management in Perth. The Bill defeated in the House of Representatives was not perfect and would have required more consideration by the Senate, but it was a good first step."

Greens MLC for the East Metropolitan region Alison Xamon said residents need to be listened to and given assistance where necessary.

"Public consultation is very important and for too long has been totally inadequate, but we also need to see serious discussion of planned compensation measures to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise, such as double glazed windows for affected residents."


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