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Why So Empty - Map

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Scott Ludlam 26 Apr 2013

This Why So Empty map is a compilation of the vacant buildings and underutilised spaces in Perth and WA submitted by people using the Why So Empty App for iPhone.

You can use this App to report and record all the places your city is vacant, underused, abandoned, lacking a bit of love, or packed with potential. 


The App lets you take a photo and add your comments and suggestions for how you’d like to see the space used. It also provides a real time compilation of all the reports – including photos and feedback on an interactive map.

You can zoom in and move the map to see the feedback submitted from your area, including photos and descriptions of how people would like to see these places used and brought back to life.

To add your own feedback, download the free ‘Why So Empty’ iPhone app and send us a report!

If you don't have an iPhone, you can still participate. Simply email a photo with your feedback and the location to and your report will be uploaded.

We will forward your reports directly to the Federal Housing and Infrastructure Ministers, and work with our WA Greens MP Lynn MacLaren, to reduce the barriers to filling these precious places.

We will compile your feedback and use it to help develop our federal initiative to bring buildings back to life by converting unused space in to affordable residential and commercial/creative spaces.

So tell us – What parts of your suburb or town are vacant, underused, abandoned, lacking a bit of love or packed with potential? What would you like to see done with these places? Do you know of any good examples where local places have been brought back to life?

And to sign up to receive updates on this campaign or get more directly involved, please email


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