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Wikileaks - PM apology

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 4 Apr 2012

Additional Estimates 13-16 Feb 2012 - Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee

Outcome/Program: 1.1.2 National Security and International Policy Topic: Wikileaks - PM apology

Dr McCarthy: The Prime Minister has not made any apology to the WikiLeaks organisation.
Senator LUDLAM: She accused them of committing crimes which is pretty big deal. As that was my last question, I invite you to take on notice whether the PM might want to consider whether accusing an organisation of crimes when that was immediately refuted by the Federal Police would be cause for a retraction.
Dr McCarthy: I can take that on notice.

The Department of the Prime Minister is not able to speculate on this matter. It remains the case that the Prime Minister has not made any apology to the Wikileaks organisation.

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