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Australia Council Operational Funding Program Investment

Scott Ludlam 7 Feb 2016

Senator LUDLAM: We still net them out? Thank you. That was then, this is now. You have had to revise everything back to a four-year operational funding program. How much are you now looking to invest?

Mr Grybowski: Again, the round figure is $27 million less in that funding envelope.

Senator LUDLAM: So from $50 million, we are down to $23 million, roughly?

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Funding Support for the Australia Council

Scott Ludlam 15 Dec 2015

Senator LUDLAM: Do you have a sense of the additional money that those companies are then able to generate throughout that investment? For every dollar of taxpayers' funding that goes to the small and medium sector, how much-

Mr Grybowski: I will take that question on notice. We obviously gather that data in terms of their other leveraged funding and the income of the government funding et cetera. I will get back to you with the specific figure.

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#estimates - the Australia Council and cleaning up after George Brandis

Scott Ludlam 23 Nov 2015

We heard from the Ministry for the Arts in the final hearing of the Senate Arts Inquiry. After months of hearings and submissions it is still unclear why the Abbott-Turnbull Government were motivated to set up the NPEA/Catalyst in the first place. No consultation took place. No one in the industry wants it. Senator Brandis clearly broke something that didn’t need fixing.

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Senate Inquiry into arts funding begins in Melbourne

Scott Ludlam 5 Aug 2015

“The mood of arts organisations has moved substantially from shock to anger. People want to know why this is happening and why they're being forced to cut staff, sack people or cancel touring schedules.”

“The mood is actually very bleak, not just because of the amount of money that has been shifted, but the fact that from now on, George Brandis and his little hand-picked selection committees will be able to make funding decisions about touring schedules and arts funding in general. 

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