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#estimates, in retrospect

#estimates, in retrospect

 A fortnight ago I sketched a quick summary of what your Parliament does during a budget estimates fortnight. Now you get to see the some of the results. Yes, there was obfuscation, timewasting and petty denial, but the last two weeks has impressed on me again how important this ritual is for all concerned, particularly in the light of the unique nature of the budget in question.

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Climate Adaption in the Built Environment

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications

Legislation Committee

Answers to questions on notice

Environment portfolio

Question No: 73

Hearing: Additional Estimates

Outcome: Outcome 7

Programme: Adaptation and Science Division

Topic: Adaptation Strategy - built environment

Hansard Page: 59

Question Date: 24 February 2014

Question Type: Spoken

Senator Ludlam asked:


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