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Climate Emergency

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Electric Vehicles

Senator LUDLAM-To begin, can you give us an idea of your mandate, because we have a number of different agencies and different folk running around thinking about infrastructure and surface transport policy. We have Infrastructure Australia making project-by-project assessments and we have got the Major Cities Unit doing more high-level work about modelling of where our communities are going. Can you just define for me precisely the nature of your mandate and then I will target my questions accordingly?

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Breaches of CPRS

Regarding the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme:

a) How does the Government intend to investigate breaches of the CPRS?

b) What penalties are provided for large carbon emitters that breach the CPRS?

c) Could a Director of a company that breaches the CPRS be gaoled, and if so, under what provisions of the draft CPRS bill package?

d) Will there be a mechanism whereby individuals or firms could inform law enforcement about another firm breaching CPRS requirements?

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‘Beat the peak’ with energy efficiency for people who need it most: Greens

State-owned housing should be the first priority for Government energy efficiency measures such as insulation, the Greens say.

“We must immediately retro-fit all of the State housing stock with energy efficiency measures, including basic steps such as ceiling insulation,” said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren, the party’s spokesperson on housing.

“Aged and disability pensioners are most likely to experience serious health impacts from to the heat, yet those in State housing are living in some of Perth’s hottest homes.

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Clean Coal

Senate Standing Committee on Economics
Treasury Portfolio
Supplementary Budget Estimates 21 – 22 October 2009
Question: sbt 34
Hansard Page: E22-23 (22/10/09)

Senator LUDLAM asked:

Senator LUDLAM—…. Can you tell us the name of any consultants or experts in the field that you relied on who have stated or would state publicly that they think clean coal will be invented and affordable by 2033?

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Greens demand Just Transition for Collie

Australian Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam will join protestors at Collie, in WA’s southwest, this weekend (19-20 Dec) to call for action by State and Federal governments on climate change and oppose the expansion of the local coal industry.

“This camp has been organised by young people dedicated to making the future a better place – and I wholeheartedly support their efforts,” Senator Ludlam said.

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Grant expenditure to date on LETDF projects.

Senator Ludlam asked:
Senator LUDLAM-I will leave it there. You have probably given us most of the information already but, just to be sure, could you provide for us on paper the amount of money that has been spent to date as opposed to allocated?
Mr Clarke-With regard to which-
Senator LUDLAM-To each of the five streams. You may have given us all of that already.
Mr Clarke-To each of the LETDF projects?
Senator LUDLAM-Yes.

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