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Mining uranium fuels a massive toxic problem

The mining and export of Australian uranium only digs us deeper into the unsolvable conundrum of nuclear waste – while also supporting the growth of nuclear weapons, the Australian Greens say.

Responding to comments this week by Australia’s Co-Chair of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Gareth Evans, the Greens’ Nuclear Spokesperson Scott Ludlam said that no one around the world had managed to solve the nuclear waste problem.

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Coal or Food: 48 hours on the floodplains

One moment last week sums up why I wouldn't swap this job for anything.

At about 11am on Tuesday morning the Senate Environment, Communications and the Arts (ECA) Committee is confronted with an unusual sight in the Felton Valley, about 20 km south of Oakey on the Darling Downs in southern Queensland. A crowd of people have taken over the road; a sea of green T-shirts and triangular yellow placards, kids lined up with banners, hand-made signs; all the essentials for a home-grown demonstration.

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Greens create more sustainable local jobs for WA

The Australian Greens are pleased to today announce more than $5.5 million to be spent on local WA heritage projects that will create more than 90 new local, sustainable jobs and traineeships across the State.
“Back in February, Australia’s five Greens Senators used their balance-of-power position, shared with the two Independents in the Senate, to negotiate some key wins for job seekers and the environment in the Government’s $42 billion economic stimulus package,” Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said.

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Senator joins anti-coal protest

Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has today joined hundreds of members of the public to rally outside Victoria’s Hazelwood coal-fired power station.

Hazelwood is one of the polluting coal-fired power stations in the industrialised world, emitting 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

“Hundreds of people have gathered here today because the old political parties have failed to act,” Senator Ludlam said.

“This filthy dinosaur was meant to have been shut down in 2005.

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Linc Energy's plant near Chincilla in Queensland

Topic: Linc Energy's plant near Chinchilla in Queensland
Proof Hansard Page: Written
Senator Scott Ludlam asked:
Regarding the Linc Energy's coal-to-liquids demonstration plant near Chinchilla in Queensland
a. Did the Federal Government subsidise the demonstration plant?
b.Can this demonstration plant be scaled up?
c.Which capacities are planned in which projects, where and by which companies?
d.Who will finance such projects?
e.What is the rate of decline in Australian oil fields per annum?

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Energy White Paper

Senator Scott Ludlam asked:
Regarding the Government's Energy White paper,
a. What are the fastest growing energy sources in the Australian energy sector today, in terms of annual growth?
b. Who is representing the wind energy sector on the high level consultative committee or other mechanism in the Energy White Paper process?
c. Who is representing the solar energy sector?
d. Who is representing the geothermal energy sector?
e. Who is representing the biomass energy sector?
f. Who is representing the wave and tidal energy sectors?

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Greens congratulate local government on climate leadership

Councils put heat on Rudd: Lift climate targets or face increased infrastructure costs

The Australian Greens have welcomed a united call from Australia's 565 local councils calling for a review of the targets in the government's flawed climate change legislation.

The Australian Greens' Local Government Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam praised local government for its responsible leadership on climate.

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