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Climate Emergency

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Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (6.03 pm)-Climate change is one of the main issues that brought me into this place. It was one of the reasons that I got involved in politics. It was one of the reasons I chose to run for the Senate. So it is with a great deal of sadness that I am rising to deliver this speech. This must be a bad piece of legislation indeed for the parliament's strongest advocates of a response to climate change to be voting it down. The package of Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme bills that is before us fails the test of consistency with climate science.

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14,000 clean, green jobs; not backwards-looking buffoonery

While a small number of politicians have made a last-minute dash to join the Flat Earth Club,  the Australian Greens have welcomed a new report that has found wave energy could employ more than 14,000 Australians by 2050.

The report by Fremantle-based, Australian company, Carnegie Corporation Ltd and WWF says building 1,500MW of wave energy power stations by 2020 would create 3,210 Australian jobs and create enough energy to power 1.2 million households. By 2050, 14,380 jobs could be created, producing 12,000MW of clean, renewable power.

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Climate Change Rally

On Saturday 13th June, a national rally is being held in most capital cities around Australia. All five Greens Senators will be speaking at or attending rallies across Australia tomorrow calling for the CPRS to be scrapped and replaced with swift action to reduce emissions, drive renewable energy and create green jobs.

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carbon capture and storage

Senator LUDLAM-I have just got a couple of questions to follow on. In your opening statement on the two different flagship initiatives you said there was a two to one funding mix and that you were looking for a two to one contribution from the private sector. Does that apply to the CCS flagship?

Mr Clarke-The starting point in both of the flagships is that two to one ratio.

Senator LUDLAM-How do you mean the ‘starting point'?

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Senator LUDLAM-Thank you, Mr Irvine, for coming in. This is by way of an icebreaker, because we have only a couple of minutes before dinner. I certainly appreciate that we have managed to make time for you on this occasion. This is my third estimates committee experience, and both previous times we have held you back so late that I think you have been sent home without actually getting in front of the committee. I am very pleased to be able to finally meet with you.

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Nuclear power and the Clean Development Mechanism

Senator LUDLAM (2.31 pm)-My question is addressed to the Minister for Climate Change and Water,
Senator Wong. Has this government expressed a position on whether or not nuclear power should be incorporated into the Clean Development Mechanism, or other instrument, as part of the post-Kyoto arrangements, either verbally or in writing, in any of the UNFCCC negotiations that it has participated in to date?

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