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Carbon price agreement: historic first step towards a clean energy economy

The Australian Greens, the Labor government and the Independent MPs today announced an historic agreement on a climate action package that will put a $23 per tonne price on carbon pollution, as was first proposed by the Greens, support householders and invest billions of dollars in clean, renewable energy.

This package, which the Greens have helped shape, is the first vital step towards tackling the climate crisis and building a cleaner, healthier, more secure Australia for all of us.

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Germany leads the way in phasing out nuclear power

The Australian Greens have welcomed the German government's decision to completely phase-out the use of nuclear power by 2022. Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues Senator Scott Ludlam said the decision to shut down all 17 of Germany's reactors was another sign that the nuclear industry was in serious decline worldwide.

German Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen announced the decision today calling it "irreversible". Senator Ludlam said the centre-right government in Germany "has grasped the facts about nuclear power and has listened to the German people".

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Road Rage: Federal transport budget has Australia on route for oil shock


The Federal Budget's failure to address years of under-investment in public transport infrastructure has left the country extremely vulnerable to rising oil prices, the Australian Greens warned today.


In Senate Budget Estimates committee hearings this week, Greens spokesperson for transport Senator Scott Ludlam confirmed that once again, Commonwealth infrastructure funds were pouring into urban road building while public transport funding lagged far behind.


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Cut pollution - Make clean energy cheaper

UPDATE: Read the details of the carbon price and clean energy package here.

Pollution from burning coal, oil and gas is driving a climate crisis, making our world more dangerous, increasing prices of food and water and jeopardising our way of life.

But if we cut pollution and invest properly in the clean alternatives, we can build a healthier, cleaner, more secure economy and community for all of us.

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Federal and State retreat on solar a disaster for energy policy

Budget cuts by the Federal and Western Australian governments have set the solar industry back years, Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam warned today.

"First the Federal Climate Change Minister announced the Solar Credits scheme would be phased out a year early, then $370 million was cut from the Solar Flagships program, with only two out of 52 proposed projects to receive funding under the program's first round, and then the National Solar Schools Program was cut short by two years and its funding reduced by $156 million," Senator Ludlam said.

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National Telepresence System and emissions saved

Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee
Finance and Deregulation Portfolio
Question reference number: F22

Mr Tune-...There is a booking system that is used, and that records the savings in dollars from flights to meetings avoided and also does a calculation of CO2 emissions that have been avoided. We can provide that to you. That is collected on a regular basis.
Senator LUDLAM-Yes, I would appreciate that

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