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Monitoring the Renewable Energy Sector

Rural Affairs and Transport Committee
Infrastructure Australia
21 October 2010

Senator LUDLAM-Have you commenced your monitoring of the renewable energy sector? This is a new one that we have not traversed with you before. What is IA's role going to be in monitoring, I guess, the regulatory arrangements and the effectiveness of the renewable energy certificate scheme? How does that relate to the expertise that you have developed around infrastructure funding?

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climate change and overseas development aid

Senator LUDLAM-I put a couple of questions to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency late last week around fast start funding in Australian overseas development assistance. It seems to be an open question at the moment as to whether Australian contributions to international funding for climate  mitigation and adaptation initiatives will be on top of our aid budget or whether they will be eating into our 0.5 per cent target. The department referred me to AusAID, so I am hoping you can help me out.

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Renwable energy target

Senator LUDLAM-Following on from Senator Bilyk's questions, and I do not know if you want to confirm this, but there was a widely held view in the industry that the former government's renewable energy target, which was met a couple of years early effectively, became a cap to investment, and investment was delayed because we reached the target early. Is that a view that the department shares? In the context of the question that Senator Bilyk just put to you, do you see that kind of effect happening in the event that we do reach the 20 per cent target earlier than the target date?

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Coal fired power stations

Senator LUDLAM-I hope so. Perhaps I can float some topics by you and you can tell me whether I had better address them somewhere else. I have questions that go to new coal-fired power stations in Australia- and some of this I will take to Treasury, when they are up. But am I able to direct questions to you about future coal-fired power stations in Australia and what that does to our assumptions about our emissions profile?

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Building Codes

Senator LUDLAM-I want to talk about building codes specifically as they relate to energy efficiency. Some of this will go to COAG. We spoke briefly in the break about where I am heading. The 2010 update to the Building Code of Australia specifically relating to energy efficiency was not implemented by Western Australia. They pleased special treatment. What was your response to that? Have you received any feedback ofthat kind from any other states or territories?

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