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Greens will move to review flawed and dangerous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Prime Minister Abbott should immediately stop the clock on negotiations over the secret text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which threatens to further extend the power of foreign multinational companies.

In the event that Parliament ever resumes, the Australian Greens will move for the Joint Standing Treaties Committee to urgently review what the Abbott Government is proposing to sign us up to.

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Consumer Protection and the National Broadband Network

Senate Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts
Budget Estimates for 2008-09 (Supplementary hearings)

Senator LUDLAM- In evidence that the department submitted to the select committee, you referenced a group called the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, but there was not a great deal of detail as to what that network is, the make-up of the group, its activities and so on. I want to bring us around, I suppose, to a consumer focus or a user focus. Can you just fill us in on what that group is and what it will be doing?

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