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Greens ‘New Century’ Australia Senate Agenda

The Australian Greens today outlined their vision for Australia in the new century ahead of the opening of the Balance-of-Power Senate.

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, said a record 1.17 million people voted Greens at the last election, and the five Greens Senators were ready to work constructively with all parties to respond to the challenges of the new century.

"Pollution, poverty, discrimination and the destruction of Australia's forests and precious environments are the legacy of the last century and decades of greed and inaction."

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Life begins at 38

Scott Ludlam takes up his post as Senator for Western Australia
today, on the fortieth birthday of the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

“The greenest chapter in our Senate’s history begins today with five
Greens representing Australians who voted for climate justice, clean
energy, human rights and a sustainable economy,” he said.

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Election 2007

Scott Ludlam 1 Dec 2007

On Saturday 24 November 2007, the thirteen and a half million enrolled Australians wrote the Howard Government into history. Not just a mild rebuke, but one of the most delightfully unambiguous electoral demolition jobs our country has ever seen. An army of AEC staff and volunteers are still reading the fine print, but it looks like the Howard Government has been decapitated, with the Prime Minister rolled out of Parliament, the architect of the NT intervention bluntly deposed, and a crushing number of seats turning over everywhere but the boom state of Western Australia.

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26 hours out

Scott Ludlam 22 Nov 2007

In 26 hours time, the polls will close on the 2007 election. The whole country holds its breath. What are the odds Australians will vote for a break from the past, change the Government, and send an expanded team of Greens Senators to Canberra?

The tempo in the office has stepped up with all our campaign efforts coordinating booths, advertising, leafleting and media, converging on these last crazy days.

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42 Dangerous Days

Scott Ludlam 15 Nov 2007

42 Dangerous Days ~ Greens perspectives on a multicultural Australia

All year, the Prime Minister has been waiting for another Tampa to sail over the horizon and provide the Government with a trigger for the same ruthlessly effective campaign themes we saw in 2001.

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We’re on

Scott Ludlam 2 Nov 2007

After months of shadowboxing and speculation, the election has finally been called.

For the dedicated Green team who have been working for such a long time preparing for these next few weeks, it was something of a relief to put a date in the diary and get started in earnest.

Now everything condenses down to one day in November. The media spin cycle goes into overdrive. The major parties go at each other with high melodrama. The advocacy groups and peak bodies give their all to grab a slice of the electorate's shrinking attention span.

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And so it begins…

Scott Ludlam 18 Oct 2007

John Howard finally announces the election campaign, and our small dedicated campaign team rapidly converge on the office. Unprompted and unasked, they come on a Sunday morning to stand shoulder to shoulder in a 42 day tussle.

It is humbling and inspiring to be among these people, as we begin to implement the plans that have been gestating for months - calmly and assuredly.

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This damn election

Scott Ludlam 19 Sep 2007

Apparently there's an election due sometime soon. This week's Newspoll is showing the Government has clawed its way back into the game, so that now they are facing a mere landslide rather than total annihilation. It's a handy reminder that John Howard is a cunning bugger who we shouldn't write off until well into the election night party. I've been as guilty as anyone in spreading the euphoric hope that perhaps Australia is ready for major positive change, but we're going to have to work for every single vote.

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