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Abbott fails to act on Treasury Secretary's call on housing bubble

Under questioning from the Greens Spokesperson for Finance, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, the Treasury Secretary John Fraser said that, for Sydney and parts of Melbourne, the housing market was ‘unequivocally’ a bubble.

When Senator Whish-Wilson later questioned the Reserve Bank, Assistant Governor Malcolm Edey added that “…a lot of people do think it’s a bubble – serious people think that – and we agree that this is a situation where the market is strong, it’s overheated, it’s a risky situation…”

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Senate bins Hockey's 'Asset Recycling' Bill

The Asset Recycling Bill appears to be dead, buried and cremated, the Australian Greens said today.

The Senate has given Tony Abbott's backward-looking agenda another reality-check by insisting on substantial amendments protecting essential services from privatisation, and substantially increasing accountability measures. The House subsequently rejected the amended Bill.

The Greens succeeded in getting the Bill renamed the Encouraging Privatisation (Asset Recycling Fund) Bill.

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Australian Uranium sales to the UAE

Australian Uranium sales to the UAE (Question No. 309) 

Senator Scott Ludlam: asked the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs on 19 March 2014:

With reference to the agreement that seeks to facilitate Australian uranium sales to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) : 

(1) Can advice be provided on the status of this agreement. 

(2) When is it expected that the agreement will be available for scrutiny by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. 

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Answers back: Clean Energy Finance Corporation attracting substantial foreign investment

Senate Standing Committee on Economics


Treasury Portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates

20-21 November 2013

Question: SBT 55

Topic: CEFC capital

Hansard Page: Page 75-76, 20 November 2013

Senator LUDLAM asked:

55. Senator LUDLAM: I am not clear: regarding the dividends that you were expecting to pay back by 2015, are they completely hypothecated into ARENA or do they just go back into general revenue?

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