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11 things to celebrate in 2011!

Bob Brown 15 Dec 2011


Australia is moving to tackle climate change. Multi-party negotiations, begun by the Greens, delivered a carbon price on major polluters that will cut pollution and make clean energy cheaper. We’ve also secured over $10 billion in renewable energy investment, protection of biodiversity, a review of fossil fuel subsidies and much more.


The first Greens’ bill to ever pass Parliament means that residents in the ACT and Northern Territory can no longer have their laws struck down at the stroke of a Minister’s pen.


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Boost in ASIO powers set for rubber stamp

The Australian Greens have raised concerns about the lack of scrutiny of a Government bid to expand the powers of ASIO.

The Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 was subject to a 90-minute inquiry in the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Senate Committee today - so that the committee can report back three months earlier than originally scheduled - without any ASIO representatives present to answer questions.

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