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Still time to listen to reason on NBN

Following resignations from the NBN Co board, the Greens have again urged the Coalition to ditch its plan to strand Australia on an obsolete copper network.

“It’s been just over a fortnight and everything the Coalition touches turns to ash,” Senator Ludlam said.

“There is still time for this Government to abandon ‘fraudband’ and get the project back on track.

“The NBN needs to be public, transparent, fast and unfiltered – that is what the Greens worked for at every step of the process.

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Surprise: Abbott's national internet filter

On the eve of the election, the Coalition has unleashed a national internet filter more expansive in scope than the Rudd Government's defeated scheme.

"Tony Abbott has actually proposed that anyone who wants to access uncensored online content will have to put themselves on a watch list by opting out of the filter," said Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Ask Kevin Rudd Anything – except REDACTED

Kevin Rudd's "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit failed to live up to its name, with the Prime Minister ignoring questions about PRISM and surveillance.

"Reddit forums generate more questions than can be answered, but Mr Rudd ignored the highest ranking questions about large-scale warrantless surveillance," said Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens communications spokesperson.

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Greens plan to wind back surveillance overreach

In light of the PRISM scandal, the Australian Greens will announce a package of protective measures to address ongoing surveillance overreach today in a trans-Tasman online forum.

"Edward Snowden has revealed that widespread, warrantless and illegal surveillance is occurring,"said Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Initial government and corporation denial has since been exposed as lies, perjury and obfuscation while the surveillance simply continues.

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Greens deplore 35 year sentence for Bradley Manning

The Greens believe that Private First Class Bradley Manning's trial and sentence sets very dangerous precedents for whistleblowers, journalists, publishers and democracy itself. 

"After more than three years in prison, initially in an animal cage and sometimes stripped naked, Bradley Manning has been sentenced for 35 years (with 1294 days credit) for telling the truth about dirty wars," said Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens Communications spokesperson.

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Greens Plan to Support local Community Broadcasting

Today on Perth community radio station RTR FM, the Australian Greens launched a $27million package to support our independent and diverse community media sector.

"Media diversity is vital to the health of our democracy and in this country media diversity is in retreat and community broadcasting provides a vital voice for local people and issues," said Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Supporting Community Media

The Greens are proud supporters of community radio and TV, upon which millions of Australian rely: each month, 10 million Australians enjoy community radio and 3.7 million watch community TV.

Our Support Community Media plan will invest an additional $27m in our community broadcasters so they can provide more skills, training, equipment and Australian content.

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Greens welcome CHOICE campaign for Fair Use copyright reforms

The Greens welcome the start today of CHOICE magazine's campaign for Fair Use in Australian copyright law.

The Greens communications spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, currently has legislation before a Senate Committee on comprehensive reforms of Australian copyright law - including a fair use provision - and welcomed the support from one of Australia's leading consumer watchdogs.

"CHOICE's message is simple but on target - ‘Australian copyright law is broken and Fair Use will fix it'. They are asking people to 'pledge' their support for Fair Use.

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