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Comcare ANSTO investigations

Scott Ludlam 14 Nov 2013

Senate Standing Committee on Education Employment and Workplace Relations  -  Budget Estimates 2013-2014

1. Is ComCare undertaking any investigations on ANSTO currently?
2. How many ComCare claims are you processing from ANSTO personnel at the moment?
3. In the past ComCare have reported on the ANSTO nuclear facility and found that the nuclear facility had under-reported accidents and breached safety standards.

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Major parties put their heads in the radioactive sands of Fukushima

Scott Ludlam 14 Nov 2013

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam. 14 November 2013.

Today the government and opposition voted to remain ignorant of events unfolding in Fukushima, as a risky operation to recover irradiated fuel from the shattered reactor complex gets underway.

"My motion called for the government to regularly advise the Senate on the risks to Pacific Ocean communities in the event of a fire or accident during fuel removal operations from Unit 4," Greens nuclear spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said.

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Threats posed by the ongoing crisis at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Scott Ludlam 14 Nov 2013



I give notice that on 14 November 2013 I shall move:

That the Senate notes:

1. The nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor site is progressively deteriorating;

2. Australian uranium was in each of the reactors at Fukushima on 11 March 2011, and;

3. Nuclear utility TEPCO is embarking on the risky removal of more than 1500 highly irradiated fuel rods from Unit 4 of the reactor complex.

Calls on the government to

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ANSTO's current court cases

Scott Ludlam 12 Nov 2013

Economics Legislation Committee - Budget Estimates Hearing 2013-14

Senator LUDLAM: Thank you. How many court cases or legal proceedings is ANSTO engaged in at present with current or former employees?

Dr Paterson: I will take that on notice.

Senator LUDLAM: Are there a number of them?

Dr Paterson: I am not absolutely sure of the exact number at the moment. It is a small number, but I would like to be accurate in respect of the number I provide.

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Lest We Forget Nuclear Veterans

Between 1952 and 1963, approximately 16,000 Australian civilians and serviceman were exposed to nuclear fallout when British nuclear weapons were tested at the Montebello Islands in Western Australia, Maralinga and Emu fields in South Australia, and over the Christmas and Malden Islands.

"Today Australians mark the sacrifice, suffering and deaths of our servicemen and women in all wars, but unfortunately some of our veterans have been forgotten," said Australian Greens spokesperson on nuclear policy, Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Grand plans for WA uranium will require new assessment

Scott Ludlam 17 Oct 2013

Greens Nuclear Issues Spokesperson, Senator for WA Scott Ludlam has warned potential investors that Toro Energy will not be able to proceed with a much expanded plan for mining uranium across a vast area of WA’s Goldfields and Murchison regions without the environmental assessment process being begun again. He made the comments as Toro prepares for its AGM in Perth tomorrow (FRI 18/10/2013) where Toro will seek shareholders’ approval for a $37 million acquisition of the Lake Maitland project, 90km from Toro’s existing Wiluna Project.

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