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Speech on Australia's Future Oil Supply and Alternative Transport Fuels

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (18:05): I have some comments to add to those of Senator Nash and I find myself in complete agreement. This inquiry was initiated by Senator Christine Milne. It took three referrals through this chamber before that important piece of work was actually accepted for an inquiry. Senators Milne and Siewert and the other members of the committee then spent a long period of time working on this important question.

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Minerals on the National Accounts Balance Sheet

Scott Ludlam 27 May 2012

Senate Standing Committee on Economics
Treasury Portfolio
Additional Estimates 2012
15 - 17 February 2012
Question: AET 128 - 129
Topic: Subsoil Assets
Hansard Page: Written
Senator LUDLAM asked:
128. In the national balance sheet part of the national accounts you present data on the
value of subsoil assets on a 'real' or 'volume' basis*. Given that mining removes
these assets, and they would only be created on a geological timescale, how did the
volume increase over recent years?

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EPA recommendation on uranium mine a dangerous new low

The Environmental Protection Agency should change its name after today's appalling recommendation to approve Western Australia's first uranium mine at Wiluna, WA Greens said today.

Greens national spokesperson on nuclear policy Senator Scott Ludlam said "The proposal by Toro Energy is full of gaping holes. If the EPA is prepared to back this half-baked, messy scheme - it sets a dangerous low standard for uranium mining in Western Australia".

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EFIC's review of the offshore code of conduct of Leighton

Scott Ludlam 5 Apr 2012

What was the precise date of the review of the offshore code of conduct of Leighton?
EFIC undertakes a review of all credit relationships, at least annually. These reviews
comprise an assessment of the business and operations, and financial performance;
and other risk factors such as those relating to bribery, money laundering and
terrorism financing as required under Australian law.
A review of all facilities relating to the Leighton Group was conducted on 21

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