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Greens win more funding for community radio, but job far from over

The Australian Greens have welcomed an improvement in federal funding to community broadcasting and urged the Government to go much further.

Greens communication spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the much-loved community broadcasting sector had made a compelling case for a boost in federal funds in the lead up to the budget but were offered a fraction of what is needed.

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Affordable housing forgotten on budget night

The Budget is silent on the crisis in affordable housing, the Australian Greens said tonight.

Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam noted, "The only good housing news in the budget reflects the Greens win on preserving the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

"Apart from that, the housing affordability agenda has stalled.

"The Housing Affordability Fund is ending in 2012/13 rather than taking note of the many ways it could have been improved.

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Social Housing Initiative Spending

Senate Community Affairs Committee
Question No: 105

Senator Ludlam asked:
Are you able to table the document that you are reading from?

Attached is the key data presented in the table being used on the day of the estimates hearing.  Note the table was current at the time of the hearing but may not reflect the current status, particularly against progress or dwelling numbers.

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Community Housing and Homelessness


Senator PAYNE-I appreciate the difference. Back to the social housing stock and community housing. I am not suggesting that this should be on some speed process to a point, but it is a huge agreement that the housing ministers made in 2009-75 per cent of the social housing stock to be transferred. It would be funded under the nation building and jobs package. I think it would be interesting to examine it at this point, almost two years down the track, because that is a big number. How is that going?

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Big cuts to affordable housing program will worsen crisis

The Australian Greens have condemned Federal Government plans to slash funding to the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

The NRAS was a $1 billion incentives program designed to stimulate the construction of up to 50,000 homes and apartments providing affordable private rental properties. The Scheme will now be capped by the Government at 35,000 incentive packages by 2013-14.

Greens housing spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said cutting funding to a housing relief program to finance flood relief was "worse than robbing Peter to pay Paul".

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Study welcome, but action on homelessness needed now

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Federal Government's announcement of a study into the causes of homelessness, and urged decisive action in the meantime to provide practical solutions to the crisis.

The Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the problem of homelessness goes beyond the most dire and visible cases - those people forced to live on the streets - also affecting large numbers of Australians forced to live in vehicles or couch surf on the goodwill of family or friends.

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Time is right for affordable housing reform

The Australian Greens have called for the Government to take advantage of stagnant property prices and pursue a national plan to create more affordable housing.

The Greens housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said owners of vacant or otherwise unused residential and commercial properties should be encouraged to put their assets to good use.

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