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Commonwealth Rent Assistance

Topic: Commonwealth Rent Assistance and CPI comparison

Senator Ludlam asked:
As rent assistance is pegged to the CPI and not median rent prices, how do median rental prices for each state and territory (metropolitan figure) compare with the rises in CPI?

There is some variation in the median rent increases for three bedroom houses among the different capital cities. The variation between 1999 and 2009 is reflected in percentages in the table below.

Real increases to median weekly rents for 3 bedroom houses between 1999-2009

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Social Housing

Topic: Social Housing Funding

Senator Ludlam asked:
Are we on track nationally to meet the target of 75% of social housing dwellings being constructed by December 2010?


Topic: Social Housing Spending

Senator Ludlam asked:
Can you break down for us, by postcode, where social housing spending is going?

Not at this time. For a breakdown of Stage 2 dwellings provisionally approved by postcode, refer to Question 82.

Topic: Social Housing Funding and Inner City areas

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Author, Senator and publishers fight looming import decision

Bestselling author Craig Silvey, whose work has earned him the Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Novelist and the 2009 Indie Book of the Year awards, will join Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam at New Edition Bookshop tomorrow (Fri 16 Oct).

This media event will highlight opposition to former NSW Premier and current Dymocks board member Bob Carr’s plan to radically alter Australia’s publishing landscape through the lifting of the restriction on the parallel import of books.

Federal Cabinet is expected to consider the proposal on Monday (19 Oct).

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Community TV

Senator LUDLAM-I move:

That the Senate:

1. Notes that:

a) It has been two years since Communications Minister Stephen Conroy attended Channel 31's Antenna awards and announced that "Community Television would not be left behind" in Australia's transition to digital television

b) Despite the Minister's assurances, there was no funding to facilitate community television's transition to digital broadcasting in this year's federal budget

2. Calls on the Australian Government to:

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commonwealth rent assistance

Senator LUDLAM-I have just got one. Are we going to get time to go to Commonwealth Rent
Assistance-is that still planned?

CHAIR-We will make time, Senator Ludlam.

Senator LUDLAM-I know you said you were hoping we would finish at about three.

CHAIR-That was my goal.

Senator LUDLAM-The only general NAHA question that I have relates to the COAG Reform Council. If
you are able, can you provide us some very high level overview detail of who is on that council.

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social housing

Senator LUDLAM-At the COAG meeting of 29 November last year, a communiqué came out on
affordable housing that stated that the implementation plans for the social housing spend would be finalised by  1 April 2009. Does that sound familiar? I am just checking, essentially, have these plans been finalised, as promised, and can you describe in broad outlines what they are and what they do?

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Senator LUDLAM-Maybe to follow along in that vein, when you were taking us through the list before
for that part of the second round that you have offered, there were none for Western Australia, so no bids were accepted. We did not hear anything from Tasmania, the Northern Territory or the ACT? Nothing there?

Ms Mills-No.

Senator LUDLAM-Do we need to be worried about not all the states and territories picking up or is it
just that this is the very shallow end and soon there will be a flood?

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