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Government departmental staff air travel costs


Senator Scott Ludlam asked the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, upon notice, on 4 April 2011:

With reference to travel undertaken by departmental staff: can a list be provided by the department itemising all air travel completed across each department of the Australian Government; if not, where are such costs itemised annually.

Senator Wong - The answer to the honourable Senator's question is as follows:

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On some days, budget estimates committees feel broken. Picture this. A handful of opposition Senators who still haven't come to terms with being in opposition decide to tie up the committee on some faint hope of uncovering a scandal or shopping a 'gotcha' moment to the channel-hopping press gallery. These painfully banal cross-examinations can go on for hours. And. Hours.

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Infrastructure and Transport

Rural and Regional Affairs Committee   Thrusday 26 May 2011

Senator LUDLAM: I was expecting to put some of these to Infrastructure Australia, so you might want to help with a bit of traffic management and I can boot some of them off to Mr Deegan on notice.

Mr Mrdak: Certainly. What were the questions in relation to?

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National Urban Policy & Active Transport

Rural and Regional Affairs Committee Thursday 26 May 2011

Senator LUDLAM: I mostly want to ask about the National Urban Policy that was released, I think to a generally pretty positive reaction. It was nice to see the minister quoting Jane Jacobs. If we can go to the big picture stuff first: where to from here? That piece of work has been in the making for a long period of time. What happens for you now?

Ms Ekelund: The first action is an implementation plan for the National Urban Policy and the action plan that sits at the end of the policy document.

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