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In the age of peak oil Australia remains on the road to nowhere

Scott Ludlam 15 May 2012

As the IMF predicts oil prices will double over the next decade, the ongoing failure to fix years of under-investment in public transport has left Australians extremely vulnerable to rising fuel prices, the Greens warned today.

Greens transport spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said Commonwealth infrastructure funds are still pouring into road building while public transport lags far behind, despite warnings from the International Monetary Fund and the Government's own BITRE 117 report that the price of oil is set to skyrocket.

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Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011

Scott Ludlam 10 May 2012

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (11:42): The only thing I would like to say in response to Senator Joyce's speech is to thank him for at least not using his full 20 minutes. I acknowledge the work that Senator Xenophon has put into this bill, the Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011, and the one we were debating previously, the Air Navigation and Civil Aviation Amendment (Aircraft Crew) Bill 2011. I will add my comments to those of Senator Xenophon, who has followed this issue closely. I also point out that this second bill is co-sponsored by Senator Bob Brown.

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COAG cities report leaves no doubt of planning crisis


Despite limited terms of reference, the COAG reform council's findings on its first ever report on capital cities has made the urgent need for action clear, the Greens said today.

Greens transport and sustainable cities spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said state and federal governments are "on notice" to deal with the planning crises in Australia's capital cities.

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Innovative new media tool launched to crowdsource a better Bike Plan.

Scott Ludlam 23 Mar 2012


When: 12 noon Saturday 24 March
Where: Northbridge Piazza - corner of Lake and James Street, Northbridge

What: Cycling advocates will join forces tomorrow to launch an iPhone application that provides cyclists with an opportunity to report feedback from the cycling network directly to the Transport Minister.
Cyclists will ride through Northbridge to highlight the need for better bike infrastructure, finishing at Northbridge Piazza at noon where the iPhone app will be launched.


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Senator Ludlam: Nation Building Program, RURAL, REGIONAL AFFAIRS AND TRANSPORT COMMITTEE, Senate Estimates 14 February 2012

Scott Ludlam 22 Mar 2012

Senator LUDLAM: I am going to pick up on a couple of themes from the last time we spoke, which was in October, about cycling, and whether or not cycling and assisting people to get out of cars and onto bikes counts as Nation Building. The easy answer is 'No,' since we do not fund it, but I am interested to know how Nation Building 2 will be used to support the objectives of the National Urban Policy. It says that it will. Can you talk us through how it will do that? 

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