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Cut pollution - Make clean energy cheaper

UPDATE: Read the details of the carbon price and clean energy package here.

Pollution from burning coal, oil and gas is driving a climate crisis, making our world more dangerous, increasing prices of food and water and jeopardising our way of life.

But if we cut pollution and invest properly in the clean alternatives, we can build a healthier, cleaner, more secure economy and community for all of us.

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Future Fund must seek urgent legal advice on nuclear weapons – and divest

The Federal Government's Future Fund is clearly violating its own policies and cutting across Australia's international legal obligations by investing in companies that manufacture nuclear weapons, the Australian Greens said today.

Under questioning in Senate estimates hearings this morning, the Acting General Manager and Chief Investment Officer of the Future Fund disclosed that the Fund had not sought legal advice before defending its $135.4 million investment in nuclear weapons manufacturers.

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Greens call on Australian companies to cut ties with occupiers of Western Sahara

The Australian Greens have called on Australian companies to sever all ties with Moroccan firms involved in the occupation of Western Sahara.

Greens justice spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the African Union and more then 80 governments around the world recognise Western Sahara's independence while only a handful recognise the Moroccan annexation, and Australian companies should withdraw from deals with the occupation forces.

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Federal budget’s ‘quarry vision’ for Western Australia

The Federal Budget locks in a Canberra-centric view of Western Australia as the nation's quarry, regardless of the consequences for Western Australians, Greens senators for Western Australia said today.

"There is no serious attempt to address the growing gap in our two-speed economy," said Senator Rachel Siewert. "The budget seems primarily fixated with accelerating the mining boom, with no regard to the consequences for housing affordability, environmental and heritage protection or the damage being done to other sectors of the economy."

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WA Travelsmart program


Senator LUDLAM-Am I correct in believing that there was, at one stage, one Commonwealth FTE position that was coordinating the various state based TravelSmart projects, and I think I should correct you and say that the WA TravelSmart program was a lot more than a pilot project; it was quite extensive, and it has been adopted elsewhere. Is it the case that you did have someone in your employ who was coordinating that work and they have since been shuffled off and they are not doing that anymore?

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