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Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Amendment Bill

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (5.34 pm)-I rise briefly to add some comments to those of my colleague Senator Xenophon and indicate that the Greens support the second reading amendment that Senator Xenophon has moved and which we have signed on to. It is basically the logical consequence of the additional comments of the dissenting report that I submitted last year with Senators Joyce and Xenophon on exactly the issues that we have been discussing this afternoon.

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Financial Counselling

Senate Finance and Public Administration Standing Committee
Human Services Portfolio

Question reference number: HS30
Senator: Ludlam

a) What financial counselling services does Centrelink currently provide to its clients, particularly those at risk of homelessness?
b) How many people are currently employed in this service and how many clients would they see per year?

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Housing Affordability Fund (HAF)

Topic: HAF
Senator Ludlam asked:
Can you provide the price differential between the developments that were funded relative to the surrounding environment or surrounding suburbs?

The price differential is not captured relative to the surrounding environment or suburb. An average saving per dwelling of $18,075 is expected and will be independently valued.

Topic: Rockbank Project

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Commonwealth Rent Assistance

Topic: Commonwealth Rent Assistance and CPI comparison

Senator Ludlam asked:
As rent assistance is pegged to the CPI and not median rent prices, how do median rental prices for each state and territory (metropolitan figure) compare with the rises in CPI?

There is some variation in the median rent increases for three bedroom houses among the different capital cities. The variation between 1999 and 2009 is reflected in percentages in the table below.

Real increases to median weekly rents for 3 bedroom houses between 1999-2009

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