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Heritage Funding

Division/Agency: Heritage Division
Topic: Heritage funding
Hansard Page ECA: 5 (20/10/09)

Senator LUDLAM asked:

Senator LUDLAM-At the last hearings we asked a couple of questions about core departmental funding for Heritage. Some information was provided. It looked as though there was a big apparent difference in the funding between the last financial year and the current financial year. I think I put these questions to you.

Ms Kruk-I think there was a question on notice on that, was there not?

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Screen Australia - remuneration of senior positions

Program: 5.1
Division/Agency: Screen Australia
Topic: Screen Australia - remuneration of senior positions
Hansard Page ECA: 125 (19/10)

Senator LUDLAM asked:

Senator LUDLAM-I am wondering whether you could tell us what happened to the remuneration of the senior positions that exist now relative to what would have existed in the three organisations that existed previously?

Dr Harley-I cannot tell you that because I do not know what existed in the previous three organisations. I will have to take that on notice.

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Cost of book on ASIO's history

Senator Ludlam asked the following question following the hearing on 19 October 2009:

What is the budget allocated to the history of the organisation commissioned by ASIO being written by ANU Professor David Horner?

The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

The fee for the provision of the service over the life of the contract is $1,757,981 (inclusive of GST).

These fees are to be paid in quarterly instalments in arrears and one final payment on completion of the manuscript.


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ASIO's new headquarters

Senator Ludlam asked the following question at the hearing on 19 October 2009:
In relation to ASIO's new building;

a) projected costs for ASIO's new headquarters increased by more than $67 million, or 15 percent, between the $460 million allocated to the project in the 2007-08 budget. In late 2008 the Finance Minister announced the budget increased to $527 million. Is ASIO currently within this budget and if it has increased, why?

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