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Climate Change Rally

On Saturday 13th June, a national rally is being held in most capital cities around Australia. All five Greens Senators will be speaking at or attending rallies across Australia tomorrow calling for the CPRS to be scrapped and replaced with swift action to reduce emissions, drive renewable energy and create green jobs.

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Senator LUDLAM-Thank you, Mr Irvine, for coming in. This is by way of an icebreaker, because we have only a couple of minutes before dinner. I certainly appreciate that we have managed to make time for you on this occasion. This is my third estimates committee experience, and both previous times we have held you back so late that I think you have been sent home without actually getting in front of the committee. I am very pleased to be able to finally meet with you.

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Questions on Heritage

Question No: 113

Senator Ludlam asked:
Regarding the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists for the period 2004 to 2008 tabled by the Minister, as the principal adviser to the Australian Government on heritage matters, did the Australian Heritage Council contribute to the review of the National and Commonwealth Heritage Lists?

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ABC Funding and Local Production

Senator LUDLAM-I have some questions on general funding and then I would like to come back to the local production issue. The additional funding is certainly welcome. I want to go to the issue of base triennial funding. We have spoken a bit today about the funding for new initiatives which have been foreshadowed for a while. If you take out capital and transmission, what degree of the existing base funding of the ABC has been increased or otherwise?

Senator Conroy-Unlike the previous government, all of this money is to the base funding.

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Leaks at Lucas Heights and the Argentinean company, INVAP

Open Pool Australian Lightwater (Question No. 1380)

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, upon notice, on
11 March 2009:

(1) Given that the department's 2008-09 Portfolio Budget Statement indicates that ‘Subject to regulatory approvals, ANSTO [Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation] expects to complete commissioning of the OPAL [Open Pool Australian Lightwater] research reactor during the 2008-09 financial year', is this commissioning still part of the contract for the Argentinean company, INVAP.

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Funding for Radio National's specialist programming

Senator Ludlam asked:
Is there any way for us to know whether the funding or resourcing of the Radio National specialist units is going up or down over time? What specialist program units remain in the ABC?


Since 2005/06, the funding for Radio National specialist programming has increased annually.

In ABC Radio National, programming is currently produced in the following specialist categories: Arts, History, Law, Music, Religion, Rural, Science, Politics and Public/Social Policy.

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Costs associated with investigating Australian terror suspects overseas

*1488 Senator Ludlam: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs-
(1) In regard to the case of R v Vinayagamoorthy, Yathavan and Rajeevan in which all charges regarding the Commonwealth criminal code were recently withdrawn, what was the total expenditure by the department, including the time and expenses of staff in Sri Lanka.
(2) In regard to the case of R v Jack Thomas, what was the total expenditure by the department, including the time and expenses of staff overseas.

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