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A way forward: proposed reforms to surveillance laws tabled today

The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs has today tabled its inquiry into Australia's electronic surveillance laws, chaired by Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

The report was tabled as the Senate has begun debating mandatory data retention legislation, which will entrench some of the more serious flaws in Australia's surveillance regime.

"It is evident to many people what has gone wrong with our regime of state surveillance, but it is much harder to identify how to restore integrity to our system," Senator Ludlam said.

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Greens announce significant amendments to data retention regime

The Australian Greens have announced a broad suite of amendments to the data retention regime being legislated by Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten.

"Our amendments address major privacy and security protections that are being stripped away by the Abbott/Shorten surveillance unity ticket," Senator Scott Ludlam, Greens communications spokesperson said.

"Authorities should need a warrant to access bulk metadata and that entire process should have proper, independent oversight. That's what the Greens will move in the Senate today.

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Scott on Doors - Data retention debate must be delayed

Debate on the bill for two year mandatory data retention has started, in the same week as the scheme was struck down by courts in the Netherlands, on grounds that it infringed on human rights to privacy.

I would still call on the ALP to make sure that the debate does not proceed past the second reading stage in the House of Representatives, for the single reason that the Parliament still does not have the amendments that the Government has proposed.

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