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Greens stand with Environmental Defenders Office as the Barnett government’s list of environmental failures grows again

The Australian Greens have thrown their weight behind a community funding campaign to save the WA Environmental Defenders Office after confirmation that all state funding will be terminated.

"The Greens strongly support the Environmental Defenders Office and we are joining with the community to support them after this disgraceful decision from the government," Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens deputy leader said today.

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Talking to a politican about saving Point Peron

  1. The Land was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State of Western Australia in 1964 subject to its future use ‘being restricted to a reserve for Recreation and/or Park Lands’;
  2. The Land includes 38 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’ which would be destroyed, causing loss of habitat, restrictions on public access and permanently damaging cultural and social elements of Point Peron;
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Call to give farmers the legal right to refuse fracking

We give notice that on the next day of sitting we shall move that -

The Senate notes:

1.    The concern of communities in South Australia and Western Australia about their land and water being threatened by shale and other unconventional gas mining.

2.    That landholders lack the legal right to refuse shale and other unconventional gas mining on their land.

3.    The scientific uncertainty surrounding the environmental and health implications of hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') for shale and other unconventional gas mining.

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Ageing Ranger Uranium mine should close: Greens

The Australian Greens have called for an indefinite suspension of operations at the Ranger Uranium Mine in Kakadu National Park after a serious accident overnight.

A thousand tonnes of highly acidic radioactive slurry has spilled into the central processing area of the plant, miraculously causing no immediate injuries as workers were evacuated shortly before a leaching tank burst. It is not known at this stage how much of the radioactive leachate has left the mine boundary.

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