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Cyperpolicy coordination budget

Senate Budget Estimates - 27 May 2013 

Senator LUDLAM: You had eight, but it is 12. Lastly-and this will probably go on notice as well-what did the establishment of the centre cost taxpayers? How much is it expected to cost over the forward estimates?

Mr McKinnon: We will take that on notice and provide an answer to you


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#estimates wrap up - 2013 Election Eve Estimates

Tempers were high during this session, as evidenced by unusually corrosive contempt from Foreign Minister Carr, as well as Senator Bishop’s spectacular tantrum which put Senator Doug Cameron’s tea in extreme danger. 

A strange sense of inevitability hung over proceedings, with all involved aware that this would be the last session with the present set of Government Ministers. 

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Insights into the boredom, melodrama and art of Estimates

Each of the vignettes below gives you a window into a specific piece of the gargantuan and incomprehensible puzzle that is the Commonwealth Government. There are some good wins hidden here – the Perth Light Rail project may be on the threshold of a breakthrough, there are some pleasant surprises in the early uptake figures for the NBN, and SBS are over the moon at the funding boost we’ve been advocating for.

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