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Nuclear Waste Dump

Scott Ludlam 26 Oct 2010

Senator LUDLAM-I want to come to a budget allocation about which I spoke briefly to DEEWR officers earlier in the year, an allocation in the federal budget of just over $8 million for addressing management of Australia's radioactive waste through the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Facility that allocations quite heavily frontloaded with nearly $4½ million allocated to the current financial year. Has any of that money been allocated to upgrading waste management or storage facilities at the Lucas Heights reactor complex?

Mr McIntosh-The answer is no.

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Opportunity for new approach on nuclear waste dump

Scott Ludlam 21 Oct 2010

The Australian Greens welcome the referral of the Federal Government's controversial bill to establish Australia's national radioactive waste dump to a House of Representatives parliamentary committee.

"This is great news and may ensure real scrutiny is brought to bear on Labor's proposal to dump radioactive waste in Central Australia," said Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Radioactive Waste Management in Australia and Muckaty Station

Scott Ludlam 5 Oct 2010

I rise to speak briefly on the question of radioactive waste management in Australia. It is fitting that these are the first remarks I will offer in this new parliament. Although we have not yet seen our new colleagues come into the Senate as yet, it is something of a new dawn politically and I am very pleased to be able to add these remarks. We are seeing now recognition of the need for negotiation. We are in an environment that we have not been in in Australian politics in around 70 years.

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Greens propose National Commission to break radioactive waste deadlock

Scott Ludlam 13 Aug 2010

The Australian Greens today called on the old parties to agree to a National Commission to carry out a proper scientific and deliberative investigation of the best way to manage Australia's radioactive waste inventory.

"This is the only way to ensure public confidence in the process, which up to now has relied on political expediency and broken promises," said Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues, Senator Scott Ludlam in Alice Springs.

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Greens support TOs legal fight against nuclear waste dump

Scott Ludlam 27 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens have pledged support for Traditional Owners from the Northern Territory as they commence a legal challenge against the Federal Government's proposed nuclear waste dump on their land near Tennant Creek.

Senator Scott Ludlam will join Muckaty Traditional Owners Dianne Stokes and Mark Lane, and Human Rights Lawyer George Newhouse at a special event in Sydney tonight to discuss the fight against the dump.

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Greens support nationwide campaign to scrap NT waste dump

Scott Ludlam 2 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens have joined a national campaign to get new Prime Minister Julia Gillard to dump her Government's plan for a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched a major new campaign seeking community support and donations to run newspaper and billboard advertising asking for the Government to ‘Dump the Dump' -

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