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Labor-Coalition plan to build a nuclear waste dump “somewhere” in an earthquake zone

Scott Ludlam 20 Nov 2012

A new earthquake hazards map produced by Geoscience Australia reveals Tennant Creek - near the proposed site for a nuclear waste dump - is an area of high earthquake risk.


Following revelations that an alternative site for the waste dump was under active consideration, Australian Greens spokesperson for nuclear policy Senator Scott Ludlam noted the Federal Government appeared increasingly desperate on the issue.

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Aboriginal disadvantage & nuclear waste

Scott Ludlam 23 Aug 2012

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (16:31): I suspect that if Senator Siewert had had a few more minutes to speak on this matter of public importance on the Stronger Futures legislation, she would probably have directly addressed some of the matters raised by Senator Crossin. I found some of the accusations that came flying back across the chamber quite bizarre-because a fair bit of the enormous amount of work that Senator Siewert has done on behalf of disadvantaged Aboriginal people and Aboriginal people across the spectrum has been done in conjunction with Senator Crossin.

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Returned Nuclear Waste - radiation signature

Scott Ludlam 30 Jul 2012

Economics Legislation Committee - Estimates questions on notice taken by ANSTO on 28 May 2012

Senator LUDLAM: ....... Can you characterise for us the radiation signature on the canisters that you were describing before - these vitrified blocks that are then in steel containers? Take that on notice if you like. Specifically, for the material coming back, what is the radiation signature for one of those canisters if I am standing right next to it? I am presuming you would not advise that, but what if I did?

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Cost of Returned Nuclear Waste Facility

Scott Ludlam 30 Jul 2012

Economics Legislation Committee - Estimates Question on Notice taken by ANSTO on 28 May 2012

Senator LUDLAM: Okay, if you could. What is your state of understanding of the total cost of the facility, which I understand is just a big shed? Dr Paterson: The entire process-the waste return and the cost for the facility-is not absolutely finalised, as I indicated previously. But we will take on notice what the cost of the physical facility will be.

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