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Greens plan to wind back surveillance overreach

In light of the PRISM scandal, the Australian Greens will announce a package of protective measures to address ongoing surveillance overreach today in a trans-Tasman online forum.

"Edward Snowden has revealed that widespread, warrantless and illegal surveillance is occurring,"said Australian Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam.

"Initial government and corporation denial has since been exposed as lies, perjury and obfuscation while the surveillance simply continues.

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PRISM BREAK - Perth to join international day of action against mass surveillance

1.30pm - Saturday July 6 Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge.

Speakers include Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam and Electronic Frontiers Australia chair David Cake.

Edward Snowden blew the whistle on an American surveillance program monitoring communications around the world - spying on users of companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple.

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Australian Government up to its neck in PRISM surveillance; Greens press for the truth

Revelations from within Australia's intelligence agencies have confirmed the Government is actively complicit in the United States' surveillance of Australian citizens.

"The Australian Government has denied any knowledge of the NSA's widespread online surveillance of people around the world since it was revealed by Edward Snowden. It is now clear that the ‘hear no evil, see no evil' routine is a sham," Greens communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said.

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What if they recorded every click you make?

How would you feel if your internet service provider (ISP) kept a record of every article you read online, every email you sent or received, all location data collected by your phone, every call you made, everything you bought online?

How would you feel if it was made an offense to refuse to hand over your computer passwords?

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