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Greens offer solutions for poverty in WA as the old parties go missing

The Australian Greens said today that they remain the only party with effective policies on the table to reduce the incidence of poverty in Western Australia.

The new WA Council of Social Service Cost Of Living Report released today shows that a lack of affordable housing, increased living costs and inadequate levels of income support are driving Western Australians below the poverty line, with job seekers, single parents and families on low or fixed incomes most at risk.

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Greens Plan to Support local Community Broadcasting

Today on Perth community radio station RTR FM, the Australian Greens launched a $27million package to support our independent and diverse community media sector.

"Media diversity is vital to the health of our democracy and in this country media diversity is in retreat and community broadcasting provides a vital voice for local people and issues," said Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Greens dental plan already helps 139,107 families in Western Australia – and the best is yet to come

The Greens have already secured dental care reforms to help more than 139,000 Western Australian families and today announced a fully-costed plan to improve dental care for all Australians.

Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam said that the first stage of the Greens' Denticare plan has been achieved and will come into effect on January 1st.

"The Greens secured an investment of more than $4 billion in the nation's dental care and next year 3.4 million kids will be able to access dental treatment through Medicare.

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Barnett can’t let WA schools get left behind – Greens

Scott Ludlam 24 Jul 2013

Western Australian schools will miss out on much-needed funding unless the Barnett Government puts partisan politics aside, Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam warned today.

"The Catholic schools associations have announced their support for the Gonski schools funding reforms - Premier Barnett continues to hold out for what appears to be purely partisan purposes," said Senator Ludlam.

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Greens call on young WA voters to match Tassie on enrolment

Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam has urged voters who are not yet enrolled to spend a few minutes to enrol online, after new figures show WA lags behind most of the nation in voter enrolment.

"The latest statistics from the Electoral Commission show WA has the highest percentage of unenrolled voters after the Northern Territory and Queensland, and this is especially true of those aged 18 to 25, nearly a quarter of whom are not enrolled," Senator Ludlam said.

"This compares to Tasmania, where the young lead the nation at 86% enrolled to vote.

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WA Greens take stand with students and academics against funding cuts

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam will join academics and students Thursday morning in a united stand against the Federal Government's proposed funding cuts.

"This is a perverse kind of blackmail in which the Government claims we can't provide more funding to the nation's schools without targetting the nation's universities - we won't tolerate it," said Senator Ludlam.

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Youth homelessness ‘a growing national tragedy’ – Greens

With almost 18,000 children under the age of 12 homeless in Australia, new ideas and new funding to tackle homelessness must be on the table for the Federal election, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

On Youth Homelessness Matters Day Senator Ludlam - the Greens spokesperson for housing - said youth homelessness was "a growing national tragedy that demands extraordinary measures".

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Labor, Coalition, and Greens condemn Defence Trade Controls Bill – but only Greens oppose it

In a bizarre scenario the Government and Opposition have joined the Greens in slamming the Defence Trade Controls Bill, yet only the Greens oppose the flawed legislation.

Greens spokesperson assisting on Defence Senator Scott Ludlam said "there was cross-party agreement on how flawed this process and outcome has been, speaker after speaker has lined up to condemn it. But when it comes to the vote, the major parties have been given their marching orders".

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Greens urge Federal reforms to fix WA skills crisis

Scott Ludlam 30 Mar 2012

Federal funding for training is in need of major reform to address skills shortages in Western Australia, WA Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

Research released this week by Pit Crew Management Consulting Services showed Western Australia's workforce will be able to meet only half the demand for ten key trades next year. Senator Ludlam said the three billion dollar investment over six years announced by Labor in the 2011-12 Federal Budget needs better planning to fill the gaps.

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