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Senator Ludlam asked:
With regard to SBS policy that films longer than 60 minutes should be broadcast with only two breaks, I am aware of a number of instances in which programs longer than 60 minutes are being broadcast with up to five breaks. One example is the German film Eight Miles High screened at 11.00pm on 11 September 2009 which ran for nearly two hours and had five breaks. Could follow up on that.

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Senator Ludlam asked:
Is there a policy whereby after a certain period content is removed from the website or are you starting to hold that material in perpetuity?
A number of factors affect SBS's ability to make content, including its substantial collection of archived programs, available on its website. While SBS is keen to offer as much content as
possible online, SBS does not receive any appropriation for its online activities and has to assess its priorities on this basis.

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Senator LUDLAM-Were you in the room earlier when we were asking Mark Scott about the CD network that the ABC uses for its iView service and that the ABC is currently in negotiation with ISPs about unmetered access. Are you aware of technical issues that have arisen with the ABC using that service?

Mr S Brown-No, I am not. I am as of this morning's discussion. That was the first I had heard of it.

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Greens move to stop ads interrupting SBS viewing

The Australian Greens today will introduce a Bill to the Senate to ban advertisements on SBS television interrupting programs.

“This Bill, first introduced by the Australian Democrats in 2008, will prohibit the interruption of programs by advertisements and station promotions on SBS television,” Communications Spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam said.

“It amends Section 45 (2) (a) of the Special Broadcasting Service Act (1991) to omit the phrase ‘or during natural program breaks’. 

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Motion to support SBS


Senator BOB BROWN (Tasmania-Leader of the Australian Greens) (3.50 pm)-I, and also on behalf of Senator Ludlam, move:

That the Senate-

(a) notes:

(i) the unique national broadcasting service that the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS) provides to the Australian community,

(ii) the invaluable role that the SBS plays in promoting a multicultural Australia and the services it provides to Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds, and

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