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Turnbull must do better than unquestioning subservience to Trump: Greens

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s performance with President Trump in New York was weak and acquiescent, and did nothing to look out for Australia’s interests, Australian Greens Co-deputy Leader Senator Scott Ludlam said today.   
“Watching Turnbull fawn over Trump and talk about our shared values was especially cringe-worthy. Which values of Trump’s does Turnbull share? The Prime Minister certainly isn’t speaking for most Australians.
“Australians don't value Trump’s enthusiasm for sexual assault. Australians don't value Trump’s compulsive dishonesty.

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Government may be considering forcing more advertising onto the SBS

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications

Answers to Senate Estimates Questions on Notice

Budget Estimates Hearings May 2014

Communications Portfolio

Department of Communications

Question No: 587

Program No. 1.3

Hansard Ref: Page 30 (29/5/2014)


Topic: Advertising

Senator Ludlam asked:

Is the government negotiating with you or putting a view that you should increase the amount of advertising that the station carries?

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